Me I’m the first soldier with spear to impale you on your cross.
You are the son of god, sent to save us from vanity, covetousness, greed and evil.
I salute you

Me I’m the second of soldiers also with spear to impale you on your cross.
You are a saviour I see from your back, your halo, your naked skin and bowed head.
I try to hide my eyes from your pain.
I salute you.

Me I’m soldier three from four.
I’m with whip to beat you until your crucifixion.
You are but a man that freed me from my shackles.
I need to bend my knee for you are also king amongst these dark times .
These countless deaths.
We are but barbarians that couldn’t see the folly of our way.
With an eyeless face I salute you.

Me I’m neither soldier nor man yet I am number four.
I carry no weapon just my words, my prayers and belief.
I worship at your feet now as I will forevermore.
I’m neither disciple nor anti christ.
I prey for you not salute you.

I’m just a man wrapped in cloth.
I know that you feel me as I look at you.
My body is weak as is my mind of the countless requests from humanity.
My arms weary from the weight I carry.
I am ready for death as death is ready for me.
I will seek no mercy nor expect none.
My shrunken ribs will guide your spears as shall my back your whip.
I seek no crown nor robe.
All that I ask for is your love.
#taken from the painting by David Jones.
#Cardiff Museum
Peter J
Written by
Peter J  M/Wales
   Star BG
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