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Feb 13
growing up
i created my perfect love adventure
a love that others will talk about for generations to come
a love admired by others
a love that bonded us for many life times
my husband
my best friend
my lover
my lighthouse
this i imagend
this kept me warm during the winter blizzerds
it crept into my bones and manifested
when i finally found love
i did not recognize it
and struggle to recognize it
a love so foreign to me
no romantic suggestions
no long strolls
no pillow fights
no special moments
no none of the things i wished and dreams and fantasised
what now
my mind heart and soul is devided
do i settle and just ....
do i share my thoughts and maybe .....
do i hide me from the world for no place for me ........
the struggle is real
i don't know what to do
karin naude
Written by
karin naude  riversdale
     saorla, jza aguilar and ashtonbrehite
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