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Feb 2018
Tainted youth, mourningful bliss... why does life have to be like this... fighting to fight ... fighting just to fall ... down ... down down ; I go ... meaningful meanings... wonderful delightful beings .. not knowing what I know now and feeling so down ... why must I feel played like a fool ... don't sit and clown.... don't toy with my emotions all it did was make such a commotion ... why speak if all my words are being muffled like I'm not being heard or given the chance to be seen... like I'm the blind eye in everyone else's mind ... like I'm being left behind ... all to just remind me of why ... and why everything happens for a reason, why things happen without treason.... why stumble ... when you fall, you get back up and all you have is a scraped knee but you  over see what can't be seen... to hear or not be heard ... to feel or to not feel at all... but when I fall , I fall hard to the point of not wanting to get back up... just lay there and signal help... when you feel as if you don't need it , but your silent screams and your faceless emotions say otherwise.... fragile to struggle saddened by youth ... why are we all tainted by our decisions if all we do is lose ...
Written by
VictoriaStarrrMarie  North Carolina
(North Carolina)   
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