Feb 11
She hears the quiet whisper of the man paying his respect to lost love
Wiping his eyes
And offering her heart to lend

Taking him in
Showing love not deserved
But love she was sharing

was lifted
Singing and dancing!
Sorrow was not his fate

His spirit lifted
And all he can think is...
Thankful enough he can never be
Thank you
Louise, happy birthday! I am so glad you are in my life! If I am being honest... You are one of the most fantastic people I know, and I am so happy that you are someone I talk to. Originally, I had planned to come see you this weekend and surprise you! Things didn't work out so this is what I am resorting to. I wanted to read you this poem in person, but since I can't I'll settle for this little birthday note. I wrote this a week ago, I hope you like it, and i hope it helps you understand what you mean to me. Without being all weird, I just want to say that i love you. You are one of my best friends and I hope you have a wonderful bday.

-Love Sam
Louis Archer
Written by
Louis Archer  19/M/your heart
(19/M/your heart)   
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