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Feb 2018
Wild, crazy, out of control.
Another one bites the dust.
How can a glass be half full
when there isn't even a drop?
On the ground, I'm so weak.
Dizzy everywhere I go.
Laying, I'm feeling sick.
I'm afraid that there's no cure.
It all happened with a blur.

Stranded with no parting message.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I forsake you.
Fleeting hours describe another day.

Paint me black and turn the lights out.
Describe me as so sinful and vain.
The time has come and gone to fix
all I've broken under my name.
I'm making faces, I'm playing games.
Call me what you wish, just know
that whatever you's wrong.

Stranded with not a single goodbye.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I abandoned you.
Fleeting days describe another year.

I'm frantically typing at keys
to describe what I can't change,
the idea of me was by chance.
There's nothing special here,
but belief has been our driver.
I'm frozen in an iceberg
wishing for a spark of fire.
Isn't it beautiful?
The way I can't cry, I can't die
but I'll destroy the art
I formed in my head
because it isn't art,
it's an abomination.

Stranded with myself and my mind.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry
I don't feel sorry anymore.
Fleeting years of mine describe a lifetime.
I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere.
I'm stranded in the middle of nowhere without a single clue of where to go.
Written by
Wyatt  22/M/South Carolina
(22/M/South Carolina)   
     bron, bones and Elizabeth Squires
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