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Feb 11
Peace… Jessie 3/05

Standing in an amber field alone with my thoughts

Catching the faintest hint of autumn leaves carried on a southbound breeze

Looking up I feel the warmth of the mid-day’s sun beating down upon my face

I am a wick soaking up every detail of the day

I close my eyes and in my mind I see how things should be

I am no longer me but have become the experience of the moment

I am one of the million stalks of grain swaying in the gentle breeze

I could stand here all day engulfed in the solitude of natures hug

Here I feel welcome; here, there is no need to stand guard

The burden of maintaining the walls of protection can be eased

Here I want of nothing and I offer nothing

Here I am at peace  

Regenerating the mind, body and soul

Happy will be the day I don’t have to leave
Jessie Schwartz
Written by
Jessie Schwartz  M/Springfield MO
(M/Springfield MO)   
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