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Feb 2018
The democracy of hypocrites in the highest levels and forms.
Two different sides of pretense, in acts that they perform.
To convince another of another, I believe they want a medal,
For performing it to the world, hypocrisy in the highest levels.

Hypocrisy in the way of being friends with a kid,
Who always down and never seems to fit in.
And when everyone begins to suddenly laugh at him.
You're never there to give a hand, but always far out in the crowds,
Thinking if you go to help, they would laugh at you being friends with him.

Hypocrisy in forms of being two people at a time.
A time for your beliefs in having higher standards and another time for the hypocrite.
Never would you wish to see them catch you doing it.
Because there and then only all your friends, family and the ones you love the most will see you as a counterfeit.
Zìon Jameel Nìcholaì Samuel
Written by
Zìon Jameel Nìcholaì Samuel  20/M/Trinidad and Tobago
(20/M/Trinidad and Tobago)   
     R Arora, Mike T Minehan and Rose
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