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Feb 2018
There I was
maybe 2 miles away from home
I could turn back if I wanted to
It wasn't too late
Heart Racing
Palms Sweating
I could turn back I thought
but my legs just kept going
It felt like I had no control over them
They just kept going
then I thought I wanted to go back
but my brain was telling me to run
leave everyone
leave everything
but my heart was telling me to go back
resolve problems and become happy
I still continued to run
Nothing would change my mind
Until my issues were chasing me
Now I'm running from it
Someone help
I can't breathe
There's this cramp in my gut
I can't keep running
I can't
Im not fast enough
I can't escape my problems
I can't hide my fears
Im slowly suffocating
There's no one around to help me
I dont know what to do
I can't run anymore
All my problems are slowly,
killing me
no one can save me

but myself
no one can solve my problems but myself
Written by
Jet  F
   Lior Gavra
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