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Feb 2018
Tower …by Jessie 11/05

Busy people run aerie
Build a tower up to the sky
Communication at it’s best

Working hard, accomplish tasks
Do just what the foreman asks
Everything is running smooth

Soon, the foundations laid
Blood, sweat and all have prayed
Another layers up

It’s not long and heavens close
But all the people start to boast
God looks down and frowns

Angry that they build to him
Looking upon it as a sin
He waves his arm and sends it crashing down

Snaps his finger, numbs their tongues
Fathers can’t communicate with sons
Every ones dispersed and quiet confused

Never again will man contrive
To sit right by his makers side
Nor will man understand the other man

Which one was wrong? It’s hard to say
But I’ll tell you this…from that day
Its no wonder, man can’t get along with man
Jessie Schwartz
Written by
Jessie Schwartz  M/Springfield MO
(M/Springfield MO)   
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