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Feb 2018
You use this word to acknowledge that you’ve hurt someone and expect them to accept it right away. As if a combination of five letters were enough to pacify the raging storms that want to break free.
You use this word as a band aid. You expect that once it’s said and done everything will be fine. Everything will be okay. As if a little band aid was enough to heal the excruciating pain inside. I think you should remember that a band aid is not enough for a fatal wound.
You use this word as an eraser. Hoping that everything will go back to the way it was. Like your wrong doing would just vanish and clean your slate.
Worst of all? You always expect me to forgive you and get disappointed at me when I couldn’t.. even though I try
How selfish of you to stab me in the back & get mad at me for bleeding...
Tim Amaru
Written by
Tim Amaru  Orlando
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