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Feb 2018
He tells her what she wants to hear
Even though he thinks he doesn't love her
He says these things just to please her ears
But he doesn't dare to actually tell her how he feels
because all he fears is to be the reason of her shedding tears
but to fix this confusion, he just needs the reassurance of her love 'cause he actually loves her more than his heart is capable of loving
She releases all her pain when pleasing him
Thinking that he's only using her for her physical attraction.
Her mind convinces her that she'll never be more than a distraction
A distraction from the burning world around them
but to fix this confusion, she just needs reassurance of his love
'cause she actually loves him more than her heart is capable of loving
Dare tell each other how they feel? and have the chance of becoming more? NEVER. He just receives the pleasure she gives him
"that's easier" they think. easier than speaking your feelings? Yea ... sure.
i hate those relationships where they just mess around and have fun when deep down both of them are falling in love with each other but they wouldn't know that because its "too hard" to speak about your true emotions.
Written by
Jet  F
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