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Feb 2018
Perhaps it was that champagne five-o’clock light slanting through our glass walls,
golden-warm like honey we licked straight from hive

Yes, perhaps it was those low, sun-softened shadows,
that silky honey-light dribbling lazily through our window
glazing my corneas  
blurring my vision
and the lines I drew between us

Our honey-dipped conversation flowed smoothly,
the summer bleached hairs on the back of my neck swayed in tandem to our words
and your fingers
as they worked loose the knots in the sinew
cocooning my spine

Perhaps that is why those words –
so viscous in the twelve o’clock light
that they almost choke me
as I try to regurgitate them –
flowed up my windpipe
as warm honey drips
from the edge of a


Perhaps it was the rosé
painted across your cheeks
like sincerity
Or the way those crushed velvet fingertips
painted my cheeks to match yours
and pressed my eyelids

Do not blame me
for the honey pooling at the corners of my lips
for the wine stains on my cheeks

Do not forget it was you
who fed me honey
who intoxicated me with colours of the eight o’clock sunset
who wrapped me in velvet
who bid the sun linger awhile longer
in my sky

Do not forget
the words I said
were words you gave me
Do not blame me
when they spill from the edges of my mouth
its bitter
Written by
its bitter  20/Neither/Canada
     its bitter, Rebecca Rose and Angie Marcano
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