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Feb 2018
The whole is equal to the some of its parts
and my parts are ****
the rest of me could only follow suit
as the law--the theory--the timeline--the cosmically known universe
insert bigger word here
consumes, consumes--
bites down on me.

If part one fights to be what I hope is to be good and part two fights to become the character foil do the parts equal nothing?
If a tree falls in the woods and--
no one is around to hear your stupid lies?
If one plus one equals two
then that's me, and you, and
Who is that?

If the whole can't be whole without its parts
can space be space if we haven't seen the whole of space
bars at night close in the morning
and the more I ponder and ponder and think
about it
You are no more better than me
Than I am of you
I keep reading more and feeling less
Written by
Megan  21/F/CA
     Seema, ---, --- and ---
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