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Feb 2018
Her magnetised tears felt onto a body of an Iron,a dead one.
It was completely corroded by the deadly rust.

With her A- line black dress, she looked at the tombstone,
Through the mirror of her soul as if it would reflect him.

Yes,she got his glimpse but in a way that was illusory
An awkward silence ruled the panaroma,
The gravestone was looking at her
With the inscribed letters that was revealing his name, in it...

She went near it with her heart,
flooded with a river of grief.
The aromatic flowers settled from her hands unto the stone,which was so rigid and evocative.

It bursted her bag full of memories of him ,
And drop by drop,they sneaked out of her eyes and escaped into the air.

Sentiments attacked her with the power of a nuclear bomb.
But yet she survived cause she wanted to live,for him.

She wanted to stare at him some more time with her eyes reflecting the sight of the night sky where he was her star..

Ya,he hasn't gone anywhere..
He still dwells in her heart and she knows that!
Just now, he is no more a concrete.

He is abstract, transformed into a memory that resides in her abode of love.
Now, she is strong again cause she's got braces of him in her body..

No,she doesn't want anymore condolences,
She closed her soul to the quantum of solace!
Thanks for reading!
Written by
Diya  19/F
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