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Feb 2018
I'm tired of showing respect
I always show others that I care
now that's all I regret
I got so little, but I still find a way to share

people compliment each other with nice crap
once they turn around, it's a different story
but that's just how the world is, makes me want to snap
it seems like you have to act like that, like its mandatory

you probably thought you could trust your friends
but now some of them are people you hate
you want some relationships to end
but baby, its all up to fate

everything in this world is mad confusing
and you may wonder if people care how you feel
some may find our emotions amusing
but how do you know whos fake and whose real?
I wrote this poem during the toughest moments in a lot of my friendships, and i realized that everything happens for a reason and people come and go, but I dont let it faze me, i try to understand that no matter how hard u try to understand this confusing world, you'll never get it because thats just how it is, well maybe just in my POV
Written by
Jet  F
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