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Feb 2018
In retrospect - yeah - maybe she should have known something was off about the whole thing.  

The handsome popular hockey player guy who had never spoken to her before - and was in none of her classes or activities - approaching her at her locker out of nowhere one afternoon - and asking her out on a date?  Definitely unexpected.  Nobody had ever asked her out before.  

(In retrospect) maybe slightly strange that she knew who he was - everyone did - but she had no idea how he knew who she was. She was pretty but extremely shy - not even popular within the social circles of AP classes and orchestra that she did quietly frequent, almost like a ghost. But she could rationalize it.  Things like this happened in the movies right?

Handsome hockey guy wanting to surprise her about where they were going to go but telling her she should wear something nice like a dress or skirt?  

(In retrospect) a little weird considering that they didn't even know each other - hadn't really even had a real conversation yet - but maybe he was trying to impress her by going somewhere fancy?

The surprise location of the date turning out to be the empty dollar movie theater downtown to see Home Alone 3?

(In retrospect) really disappointing - at first.  Disappointing dissolving into terrifying as she spent the duration of the terrible movie pushing back his hand from a slow but persistent ascent up the skirt she had bought especially for this night - her first date ever.

Asking him to drive her home after the movie but he - to her horror - driving to a nearby park instead?

He - pushing his mouth onto hers despite her starting to cry and fighting to get away and begging to be driven home?

He - breaking out of whatever trance he was in - angry but at least finally yielding - condescendingly asking her "Don't you think you owe me something for taking you out?"

He - finally driving her home - telling her that nobody would believe her if she told anyone about this?

(In retrospect) she - knowing that she was lucky that night to have only lost her trust in humanity?
Written by
J  Wake Forest, NC
(Wake Forest, NC)   
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