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Mar 2010
          Things have been really slow, with north winds bringing chill,
          trying to find things to say, and I am looking still,
          words of wisdom, words of rhyme, words to make us laugh,
          I think what I really need, is more writers on my staff,
          words that make famous lines, when put end to end,
          I am struggling mightily here, to find those lines my friend,
          who can forget when tough Clint said, “go ahead, make my day”,
          I can feel my knees quivering now, while I kneel down to pray,
          and Humphrey got to us all, when he offered this famous bid,
          who could ever forget those words, “heres looking at you kid”,
          from governor to mighty robot, Arnold's the best maybe,
          remembering the chills when he said, “          Hasta la vista, baby”,
          and from the goofy world of comedy, there are way to many to list,
          when Python's Black Knight offered this line, King Arthur was ******,
          its only a flesh wound my good king, I can **** you with this stump,
          life is like a box of chocolates, according to Forrest Gump,
          now the words are starting to flow, I think I've found a groove,
          just one more cup of coffee in me, and I'll be able to prove,
          famous lines are said every day, it's just a matter of time,
          waiting for someone to discover them, I wish one of them was mine

          Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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