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Sep 2012
It is for my heart which I write this requiem
Upon it placed, a pensive moratorium

One that could last a life time
Or leaving one more hill to climb

I have but one choice
And need my inner voice

Do I dare start at the bottom?
I remember that hill from last autumn

River bluffs hill we raced up that day
A race U won in an impressive way
A picture of which U gave on my birthday
Hung so that I am reminded each day
That there is always a price to pay

The picture may remain
But U, my dear, have become profane

At the bottom of this hill I now stand
With the memory of my heart in a cold hand

I think back to that first kiss
A moment of perfect bliss

I would never trade what we had
Keeping the good and the bad

But it is at this hill I now loom
Wondering if another climb ends in gloom

I am reminded of that hill from that day
Just as I am the mountain on which I lost my way

I should not be afraid this hill to ascend
But daunting it is with a heart on the mend

For now I am quite jaded
For love to me has quietly faded

Faded away into the dusk
Leaving my heart a mere husk

If the winds of time do not blow that husk away
I may live to love another day
Outside the realm of romantic love I am standing tall and strong always able to overcome any hill.  I am merely wrestling with the idea of ever being vulnerable again and do not harbor that ***** four letter word (hate) for anyone currently, or in the past, who has turned the hike up the hill into gloom.

Live 4 Love
Shawn White Eagle
Written by
Shawn White Eagle
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