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Jan 31
...is a sprayΒ Β 
of sweet, nagging fragrance
borne by a rush of air
it touches nostrils as it travels,
to stimulate, and to scintillate
the flashing of memories
especially, when distance is great
and truly separates...

it could be the bouquet of a single rose,
or a handful of jasmine....or,
the welcome smell of cinnamon,
sage, nutmeg and other spices that
bring out the fragrances of good cooking,
or those of sweat and a fruity cologne
blending while working
from caring....from loving.
it's a brush of summer wind
that captures, even a bit of a sniff
of any, or all of those scents.
a smell so pleasant
that dwells in the senses
and brings calm to one's soul.

the nose...the other senses know,
the heart and the mind know
the summation
of all these fragrances.
no perfume could ever equal
the scent(s) of a woman.


Copyright January 30, 2018---10:40 PM
This poem is for housewives and mothers, grandmothers and also for those women who have devoted  their lives  to being  housekeepers...
Sally A Bayan
Written by
Sally A Bayan  F/Manila, Philippines
(F/Manila, Philippines)   
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