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Feb 2018
A Beautiful Mask

I remember when you changed... I remember because my gut was ting was wrong. I remember because our conversations changed, they got shorter & less often.. you became cruel and cold. You started to ignore me instead of listen. You left me alone in the dark & I couldn’t find my way out, I called out for you! I waited and waited for you, but you weren’t there. Then finally days later you came, only when you wanted my attention, when you wanted something from me, when it was ideal for you. You never told me why you left me in the dark. What I did to deserve it…..every time I thought I could see a little hint of light, it vanished. I felt sick, my body was cold. I couldn’t breathe. Then you came back…I was happy. I let you come back because I was in love, you were my everything. I tried and tried but it was never enough. You broke me, you took everything in me and ripped it out. You spit on my soul and on my heart... I believed all ya bs, your half truths, your fake love. I believed I deserved an angel, I thought I had a beautiful angel.. But turns out I was dancing with the devil in a beautiful mask. But foolishly I didn’t care. I loved her, or maybe I loved the mask. No matter what I was going to love you despite a broken heart, losing my breath and feeling my self slowly fade away. I did love you. & you destroyed me…because you were selfish, you gave nothing but always wanted more more more. Whatever you could take from me you did, & stupidly I let you, because I loved you....
I’d wake up hoping one day you’d wake up and realize how much I did for you, for us. The efforts I made, the time I spent,
the smile I forced myself the have everyday. The tears I held back just to feel like I was okay. One day I laid there… was dark, my body shook….I lost my breath... I tried and tried to gasp for air, but I couldn’t. I woke up... & I had no more left in me. My eyes went dry. I missed you, I still miss you. But I don’t want you. I can’t be broken anymore…you took any chance of happiness I had. Because of you I won’t ever open up to another person longer will I make my heart loving another feel like an unwanted task... never again will I fall in love with the devil in a beautiful mask....
Tim Amaru
Written by
Tim Amaru  Orlando
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