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Jan 2018
So funny how you love someone
In an effort to let them go
You latch onto someone else

My Muffin...

Crazy how people effect your life
It has only been a month &
He is a distant yet present memory

I was in love with a man that I could not be with
So I found myself wrapped up in

My Muffin...

Such a big prize wrapped in a small package

How would you feel if you held it in your hands &
Then were told you couldn't have it?

Its Tragic!

I refused to cry over men long ago
But this one?
It hurt... I still didn't cry
Now it is hard to remember what it was like
The good times
Like my mind completely blocked the memory
I can tell you everything i know about him
But phone calls are faint...
Imagine it from my eyes for a moment

My Muffin....

He is this gem.
I researched it once or twice but never thought of collecting it
You learn more through a familiar source
Then it is in your possession
You hold it delicately at arms length
So precious yet so dangerous, you think
How will you ever handle such a thing?
You eventually build up the courage to
bring it closer to your chest
Then the Jeweler comes & says
"Sorry, they didn't tell you, you were only here to babysit?"
Even after i had polished it
grown attached to it
willing to call it mine
It wasn't even an option the entire time
That is when you learn that not all things that glitter, shine
Poem 8-- Muffin
Completes Collection
Jhorden-Nikole Austin
Written by
Jhorden-Nikole Austin  21/F/Oklahoma
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