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Feb 2018
The sweet breeze of air,
So fresh.
So pure.
So beautiful.

I hate it,
Too cold
Too strong
Too perfect.

I prefer to be in a room,
inside my house,
at peace.

Calm and silent.

Surrounded by loneliness,
because it is the only thing that loves me.

I hate being alone.

It worries and depresses me.

I hate myself.
I am not like anyone,
I don't belong anywhere.

And society is too messed up.
Am I glad that I am unique?

I hate to be confused.
It means I have to think the problem out.

But would I really want to know all the answers?
What's the fun of knowing everything?
What's the fun of being dumb?

And stupid

I hate being short
It makes me feel special

I'm sometimes so scared of death,
I want to die

Maybe this is why I have never been in a relationship

Do I want to be in one?

I don't want people's attention
I just want them to listen to me
Marco Benitez
Written by
Marco Benitez
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