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Jan 2018
They call me heart breaker
But you will never know
How my heart flipped, footsteps shaking
When I saw your back
Roses. Monograms. Black Umbrella.
Warming my hands on rain-washed streets
Canal lined with silver
Cosy bistrot, and how you lit my soul up

They say my heart is broken and gone
But you will never know
How long I wanted it to last
Luscious, wanton, bodies entwined
Chest against cheek, your heart beat fast
Burying my blush in your plushie
Grinning from the bottom of my heart

They say I am cold and merciless
But you will never know
How a girl with a brain as cool as ice
Red lips. Feline eyes. Velvet dress.
But I skipped all the lords and Barons
and accidentally left the rest of my life
tucked in a condo, me in your arms
on a cold January night
to Nicholas. the love of my life
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