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Jan 2018
It’s hard for me to carry on, knowing **** well that you’re gone. My blood runs black, my heart destroyed, trying to fill the endless void. I wish I could tell you how I feel, but the thought of it just seems unreal. For I am weak and can’t endure, secretly I’m insecure. The darkness grows inside my brain, feelings which I can’t explain, your love which I can’t obtain, my life going down the drain, hanging lowly from a chain, these feelings I just can’t contain because seeing you is beautiful pain.
If I said I’m fine I’m sure I’ve lied, life without you is suicide. This life by which I can’t abide, it’s hard without you by my side, with the thoughts I chose to hide, in solitude I now reside. With this heart I can’t console, as I slowly lose control. If I confessed what would I gain, aside from a bit more beautiful pain.
Written by
Charlie Renaud  19/M/Canada
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