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Feb 2018
I want all the people
Of this great world
Too look through
The glass ***** behind my eyes
And the glass panels
In front of them.
So that they can see what I see.

Because guess what?
The devils all got in;
Let me tell you my thoughts
They were like warriors
But then I stopped thinking enough
And **** they were decommissioned
Now the devils control my head.

“Stay up late”
“Yell at them”
“Do the wrong thing.”
“Be everything they don’t want you to be.”
But I just had a epiphany.
One that will shake the foundations
And rock the floorboards.

I should stop worrying
About what I can’t control.
And start trying to fix
What I can
It boggles the mind
That it took me 16 years
To realize it
The 16 years of chaos have ended, now I have to fix myself in just 2.
Bring. It. On.
Written by
Austin Mizelle  17/M/Where dreamers sleep
(17/M/Where dreamers sleep)   
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