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Jan 2018
I've stood in the silent wood and listened to the solitary wolf howl,
sped down the tarry highway on a black endless night all alone.
Marveled at the edge of the Grand Canyon at dusk.
Stood in silent wonder in the shadow of the Taj Mahal
And strolled the Great Wall of China at midnight.

None of that will ever compare to
The most exquisite sight that I have ever seen,

I have kissed your lips and tasted heaven.
The way your back moves up and down slowly with every breath you take as you sleep.
The slight lower lip pout that you have when deep in thought
Hair that has tight and loose curls throughout it.

Day after day I am in amazement of the person you are.
Dedicated, hardworking and wholehearted loving man.
Putting everyone ahead of yourself
And caring for others even when people might not care.

My heart belongs to you completely.
Without you, it would cease to beat,
And turn to dust from not being used.
I love you dearly from now
Until the end of everything.
Beyond time and space my love.
Angelique Paolucci
Written by
Angelique Paolucci  25/F
     Fawn and Apoetisonly
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