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Jan 2018
Have you ever felt so lost,
That you wonder when you’ll find yourself, at what cost.
I’ve been roaming in circles trying to make sense,
But whenever I try to break the habit I meet a fence.  
Am I the one holding me back from happiness ?
Am I preventing myself from feeling bliss?
Yet, I have no idea where it all begun,
The last thing I remember I was having genuine fun.  
Depression seeks into the cracks,
Leaving no room for take backs.  
It leaves you wondering if you’re worth the fight,
But eventually you always find the light.  
As hard as it may seem to get through,
The only person you have is always you.  
Don’t feel discouraged when you can’t find your way,
Breathe in life day to day.
Meredith Sjostrand
Written by
Meredith Sjostrand  24/F/Orange County
(24/F/Orange County)   
     Fawn and Selcæiös
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