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Jan 2018
I think I see a pattern,
Someone once told me that I am incapable of love,
Maybe it is because my inner sadness pushes people away,
Or maybe it is because my own insecurities,
Both of these things feed on me when I stand still,
I find myself running and running until I’m broken on the side of the road,
In the bed of strangers begging for warmth,
Alone in my room drowning out my sorrows with a bottle of Jim Beam,
With you I have tried to disprove this theory,
I’ve been tossing and turning for months now,
My feet are getting colder,
My lips quiver at the thought of being placed around a cold bottle,
This once red heart filled with passion has become a dull life less piece of grey meat,
I don’t know how to fix this,
Your hands are rough from trying to fix this before,
I’ve seen the deep scars the last girl left,
You’ve tried to remain patient,
Like a stripped *****,
You have all the qualities to work,
But some savage has overworked you,
I can tell you have tried to help me but you have been worn down,
So much that you have become crippled,
You are the fixer of things,
And bicycles,
Girls are not things,
But occasionally we need help fixing ourselves,
Our interworkings are complex,
They are delicate,
We are held together by butterfly wings,
Flower petals,
With a glimmer of warm light,
Contained in a glass box,
I keep expecting you to fix this chip in mine,
It’s growing and spreading like a suffocating spider web,
However, I know I am setting you up for failure because I can only fix myself,
Until I feel whole again,
I’m going to the highest cliff overlooking the ocean,
Standing on the edge,
I hope it is your hand that slips into mine,
Pull me back,
For I am teetering, balancing on my tippy toes,
I know I will fall,
Only to be shattered below,
The reminisce of my essence to be a memory,
A desperate whisper that will wake you from the deepest sleep,
“I love you, Tom.”
Written by
KSC  30/F/Nowhere/ Everywhere
(30/F/Nowhere/ Everywhere)   
   Lior Gavra and Selcæiös
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