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Jan 2018
When sages lived for many ages,
The era stories were written on bark pages,
Animals were quite friendly and didn't live in cages,
No one ever worried about salaries or wages,
The era changed and so did the perception,
On every junction there came ***** temptation,
Bribery, greed and some monstrous satisfaction,
For good people in search of jobs stamped  rejections,
The misunderstanding leads to tragic incidents,
Mostly results in suicides or on drive accidents,
The life ends for people who tried and gave up,
Or drowned themselves in poison full cups,
Alcohol on rise regardless of its high price,
Poverty on its peak while people voice with cries,
Dose after dose inhaled by this generation,
Moving forward in writing a new revelation,
For the expectation by the old sages has deluded,
And many have resorted with life and concluded,
Some dragged their way up with time,
Some sank their way with crime,
Some worked hard for every dime,
Some got knocked from their prime,
Yet the hunger of superiority kept growing,
The earth seems dimmed and not glowing,
From righteous beings to karmic scenes,
Now we all see the happenings and unforeseens...

Spilling thoughts.
Written by
Seema  F/Fiji Islands
(F/Fiji Islands)   
       Botan, ---, DreamMare, Mayuri, hamid khan and 8 others
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