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Sep 2012
you keep on glowing
even when i close my eyes.
the darkest places-Gary michael.
I helped write the lyrics to a song about someone i hadn’t met yet. and now i realize that i wrote them about the one i would soon meet.
follow me here into the depths of the ocean where the waves collapse my lungs and retrieve my spirit. we were blessed with the simple knowing of our souls. they whispered at great lengths so far apart they heard one another. i saw you see me for all the heaviness i am. with such strength you pulled the weight and threw it away to the shore line hoping for high tide. it came at its own pace but it pulled away all it could and has left space for creativity. I see all peace in the sea within the arms of giant who beholds the means to repair all imperfections. solidify my concerns for drowning discomfort you have pushed me over the edge and thrown me a raft but missed because i must learn to swim. “Keep your head above the water” you’d shout from amidst the boat you have brought me in. so I kick and struggle and im drowning and your shouting “you must relax and see that i am seen and unseen in the eyes of the life that clings to the night in hopes to float to me in eloquent motions” so i close these horizon eyes and breathe out the fear of God. “to remember me in hatred is to remember me in love so remember me for indifference and you too shall float above” daysleeper has released the nervous tension and has given me the strength to be no other than a teacher and lost soul to the seed as it grows. i am rescued from the ocean and im soaking wet with emotion. my body is wrapped in the warmth of the savior i was threatened from. you have consumed me in your radiance where i will always stay and i love the way the ocean smells and you smell together as one. and once i woke from this dream it seemed that i had been breathing in and exhaling out the sweet sea and herbal tea.
Samber Saenz
Written by
Samber Saenz  San Antonio, Texas
(San Antonio, Texas)   
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