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Jan 2018
Hello there
Miss Stranger
I'd like to know your name
If it’s all the same
Of course, this might seem rather strange
I'm afraid all we've had were passing smiles
And slight conversation
Friendly waves and sideways glances
Of our own creation
All of this happened
From two seats away
Please forgive me for staring
I’ve been itching to talk for days
A shy girl taking classes out of her league
And passing them like it’s nothing
A girl who rarely says a word
But her eye’s always reciting something
I knew I just had to know more
So I waved for the first time
And when you smiled and waved in return
I thought this would be alright

Hi there!
Miss Stranger!
All across the way
I enjoy the smiles we pass every day!
In class
The hallway rush
I wonder why I enjoy it so much!
We've rarely spoken small talk
Much less what we believe in
So why does a smile from you give me such a happy feeling?
This isn't love
I've made that mistake before
Maybe you seem nice and I wish to know more
Oh dear, this may seem a bit much
I assure you I'm not after affection or lust
Just a smile
And your name
If it's all the same!

Hey there
Miss Stranger
It was such a lovely day
I finally got the nerve to say
That I'd like to be friends
After days of finding the words
For days on end
I finally approached
Defying every insecurity and doubt
For talking to strangers can be rather difficult
And it makes my nerves want to shout
And even if you said no
I would be proud of myself for talking to you
To my pleasant surprise
You were delighted to!
It's always exciting to gain a new friend
For adventures and memories beckon as soon as they are created
It was a shame I was to blind to see
The end of us that awaited

Hello there
Miss Stranger
Do you remember the words we shared?
It’s a pity that you didn’t seem to care
What happened then?
Was reasons did you find
To let our friendship end?
Was it my daily messages?
Or my eagerness to know you?
Was it something I said
That may have caused you to rue?
We slowly faded back
Into the strange stage of strangers
And we left every possibility
Behind on the back hanger
Oh, well
I suppose I should've seen it coming
History repeats itself
And it always leaves me numb.

Take care
Miss Stranger
And thank you anyway.
I'll always be here to smile
When we pass every day.
Hey there,
So.... Please don't hate me for posting the same poem.
The truth is, I took a creative writing class last semester
And after revising this, I felt that it would be acceptable to post
If you'd like to read the original, it's somewhere in my poems
But regardless, as always,
Thank you for reading. It means the sea to me.

Take Care.
Xavier Quinn
Written by
Xavier Quinn  19/M/Boston, MA
(19/M/Boston, MA)   
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