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Jan 2018
It's crazy to me how you can be blinded by a single person's aura
It's crazy how you can love someone so much that it hurts to even think about not loving them
You let a lot slide
You let life pass you by
Then you look at the time....
You wonder where it went
Where is all that sunshine?
It this a new season? All I see are clouds
A whole year gone and it still feels like day 1
Until I met him
I was once wrapped in this aura that made me believe I was progressing
When truly I was stagnant
You never realize how badly you've been treated until someone treats you better
It's a luxury
What does it mean to be a queen when you've been a servant?
Is he a knight in shining armor?
A blessing in disguise?
Is he just like the rest?
Will he pass the test?
When someone opens a window and shines light on your world... its euphoria
Every day I want more and more of that energy
I need to be engrossed in it
Even though my heart still cries for her first love, I cannot reverse
I don't want to get attached too fast but Ava has an immaculate work ethic...
Poem 2— Muffin
Jhorden-Nikole Austin
Written by
Jhorden-Nikole Austin  21/F/Oklahoma
     --- and Jhorden-Nikole Austin
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