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Jan 2018
Here I am in comatose
Damnedest man I did so boast
Paralyzed from fear I swore
Succumbing to eerie voices galore
Here they whisper, there they shout
Forgotten longings in endless bout
Obsidian spires do so climb
Monoliths rising to the ashen sky
Molten magma in a blazing doom
Had I one wish it would be for you
Blind and mute I become
Only hearing a chilling song
Come back to me so she says
Or you will be stuck choicely dread
She says so true and warningly
But I could detect a wanton glee
Had I a voice I would so cry
Come save me darling my dear divine
I had not a tongue nor eyes to see
Barren wastelands singing to me
Thuds and croons echo all around
Was it a corpse or am I nightmare bound
Ever so close they are I feel
So I thought to pray but legs would not kneel
Abandon all hope they scream and plea
Singing Devils wrath is waiting on me
When see him I will hold true
And tell the Devil to take her too
Dae Staebell
Written by
Dae Staebell  Georgia
   Pradip Chattopadhyay
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