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Feb 2018
Today I will write verses and you will be in them all
None of them will mention your name
Relax you will not be mentioned at all -
You put me on a lead it's guaranteed I will go long

Telling it as it happened walking the pathways to doubt
None of that highlights our struggles
To sort any of the problems out -
Love is the answer it is never never the question

I won't be going into any no-holds-barred confessionals
The embarrassing attempts at solutions
That would sully us both as well as it being regrettable -
****** politics is always a democracy of 1

The separate beds we slept in, the reasons still making me blush
The adolescence of all those positions
Or what brought on such mutual disgust -
It was a Root Chakra Kiss it wasn't meant as aggression

We did have a chemistry at times even comic cosmic highs
Those nights camping in the mountains
Hard now not to get all agonized
Don’t tell me the stars are shining show me how the Sky was broken

The marriage if that's what it was unravelled itself I think
It was a You verses Me zero sum
With jealousy being the causal link
*Still calling yourself my name 40 years after we've spoken
Tommy Randell
Written by
Tommy Randell  68/M/Whitby, N Yorks, UK
(68/M/Whitby, N Yorks, UK)   
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