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Jan 2018
adulthood is delayed
breaking english breaking
bad the kids are staid
intersectional femonics
non,sense place your commas
where you get ebonic klonopin
comets fly? fall down like
michael douglas in that movie,
searching for a conscience

get your womanhood
degenitalized in college
march for it, with your mamas
disincluded pro-life pals
watching on the outs,
so many words--so few opinions
your umbrellas' inside-out

flaccid rain, minds drought

eat my political incorrectness
**** me/where it's sexist
get a daddy, get freudian
adulthood is nickelodeon
slime time live your lies
no lives matter--opiates
are american as apple pie

get n'synch:
buy, buy, buy.

trumpet in the trumpists
piped, pathetic progressives
singing for the money shot?
democracy is now *******,
cumswapping the memetic lottery;
comedy is ****--**** is comedy

the naked emp snickers
over his bickering peasants.
warring with sentiments,
pledges of allegiance,
right hands--left *******;
matters of the heart
seem so silly.

take a knee,
then take another

you look like yourself,
you look like one another.
Written by
stylesclash  28/M/USA
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