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Sep 2012
snoozing in the twilight gleam
two old wolf eyes gazing
where he roams into the past
when he was young
now he is old his muzzle gray
eyes still shine in twilight....
recalling times with his family
now he is left alone on this shore
old man old wolf
born raised live and die
a sunrise of youth in their eyes
bright morning a summer of memory
dimmed now in old wolf old man
close together on this shore
sworn enemy of wolf... this old man
now the old man rests his hand gently
on old wolf's head.... and asks forgiveness
for the wrongs he has done
old wolf sighs he looks into old man's eyes
sees a family a young man roaring inside
the wolf sees more but keeps silent
the man's fears he's long held within
things man has done acts of violence
made his spirit puny indeed....
the wolf knows...far more than man
even now as the old man pats his fur
the wolf closes his eyes
for the last time...
and opens them wide on the other shore
his family running to greet him...
and no humans in sound or view

by LB
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