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Jan 2018
I'm sorry that I'm not everything you wanted me to be
I'm sorry I'm not more like my sister
I understand that you like to be in full control
When you don't have control you get angry and take it out on me
You find all my flaws
You magnify them so your's look smaller
I miss the mom from 8 years ago
You have the same body but its not the same person
You're bitter now
But only towards me
Is it because I remind you of my father?
The man that abused and cheated on you
What did I do at 7 years old that made you hate me so much?
I think of what used to be and all I can do is cry
You say I'm an attention ***** and well, just a ***** in general
You don't like how my views aren't identical to yours
You don't like how I dress
You don't like my friends
But mom, I still love you
Even if you hate me
Jamie Rose
Written by
Jamie Rose  17/F/Usa
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