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Sep 2012
shadow song  
in flowing currents  
i hear your voice
i see your form in rocks
a luminous face blue eyes
it's been so long
since i lay beside you  
here in the dark
the grass holds your scent
the breeze caresses me  
like your fingers
i feel your touch  
heaven sent in my thoughts....
my skin tingles with memory
listening to your songs  
singing in flowers
in the waterfalls...
a shining rainbow you  
dancing in the light
naked as a dream....
you skin glowing like a pearl
water droplets sparkling  
in your hair
i see you now  
stripped before me  
in moonlit radiance
dancing in your sinuous way
a wildcat a tiger... a snake
roaring purring a kitten soft
you are here no distance  
between us
slinking in the shadows  
of my fantasy
never far in mind
my dreams you haunt...
a living ghost
i love you till i die
i live for you i dare for you
i dream for you...
i dive for you...
'neath dark waves of passion
into the realm of blue
i find you where you are...
waiting for me
with open arms
by LB
Written by
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