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Jan 2018
the boy in mount kilimanjaro,
i was told.
how he sits on blissful soil
with head up in clouds 
looking at mixtures of azul.
under ravishing lights. 

the boy in mount kilimanjaro
his eyes i was also told . 
how the sun would turn away
or how the comets whisper
in shame-
luminous perhaps?
that's the boy in mount kilimanjaro

tonight , under no starry skies 
i met the boy in mount kilimanjaro .
eyes closed , he was looking up 
but in one breathe i made-
he opened them .
rays of galaxies shone
making pathway for the stars
from his eyes.
above us , the skies reflected his eyes-
stars appearing & dancing like fire,
flickering & twinkling in the skies
of sapphire . 

in a wind's gush
the boy turned to me,
his eyes still glistening
from the stars that left his eyes 
and onto the never ending night .
therefore , as the story goes & told 
secrets of the night unfold . 
in the eyes of the boy from mount kilimanjaro
lies the wishes of what the night skies
the kilimanjaro stars .
Written by
Ary  F
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