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Jan 2018
I embarked on a fairytale journey
Set sail on a sail of dreams
Moving ahead with the oars of imagination
It was all as if a
Mystic celebration!
Had my past memories as my companions
Looking forward to gaining some more
As I'd anchor to harbour
Of unknown wonders
I was to create
A flyover
To new such movers
Of my mundane things
But as I was sailing past
Things of the past
Seeing and absorbing
Things myriad
Dragons and whales
The jungleman
Aboard his flying monkey plane
His dreams
Of eating berries
Hearing the sweet
Jungle cuckoo
Did feel I
Also felt his bravery
Of facing and making
The mighty tiger
His friend
Could I?
Puppets various
Dancing to tunes
Junglee animals
Howling in merry
They didn't seem sorry
Perfumes and ice cream delights
Mountains and heaps of
Oh my sweet tooth,oh
My craving heart
What not saw I
One of them I did pick
To be aboard with me
On my sail forever!
Forget how could I
Oh but what I see!
All that's good comes to an end
Out of my dreams
From nowhere
The nasty mobile rings
I come to reality
And attend the call
Oh will I
Forget those things
For once and for all!
Precious ones
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