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Jan 2018
I see you every time I pass a place of old memories.
My eyes try to blink away the tears
His love was treachery
A ****** up affair

The scent of you
Earth and musk
Lingers in the breeze
Dawn to dusk

I taste you
On the tip of my tongue
(It’s kind of like a tattoo)
At the back of my throat
(God, we were young)

Your hands traveled
Down a lace thong
Unraveled my heart
Along with a black bra

I still hear your voice
Sighing words into my skin
Ringing alarm bells in my ears
Divulging secrets to my eager grin

My eyes have been overcast since the day you left
Reminders burned into my fovea centralis
(birthdays, favorite cigarettes, us undressed)
My sclera turned into translucent glass
All I hear is relentless noise
Or mindless buzzing
All I taste is alfalfa sprouts and chouse
I catch your cologne
Performing ballet in my clothes
(I should have known)

You always enjoyed
Feeling the drumming of my empty heart
Pumping blood to five senses that dance
To the beat of broken abstract art
i got my heart broken and it still hurts
Written by
Tsunami  22/Androgynous/Canada
   Raja Abdul Basit
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