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Jan 2018
Everyday I kept dying
You heard my last gasp
Cross the battle lines
Between our pillows

Those poorly drawn pictures
Of love
Scrawled cursive beneath the overpass
In black spray paint
Lurking in the damp corner
Covered in grime
Foretelling an infinite ability to heal
Only yesterday they told me you were gone
Unlike my love for you
No confession here, all is known

****** if I’ll be dead again
To sing a one note song of rage
the taste of it blew my mind
Go and try to take its pulse
She rocks away
Vested in me by the state,
She rocks away
I hereby sentence you to be
Dead and dying

Now I’m spilling blood across the land
No horse ever ran as fast
As My cupped hands
holding warm guts
leaking between scarlet fingers
I hum a tune to pacify
Remembering all that you said
Think I’ll lose my mind
And take one last look at visions of flesh
I make out my sweaty face
Only left alone
A Monkey on my back,
aching my bones
Examining my head

And when all is won and lost
She will be your bride
In a blinking field
Of fireflies
Universal Thrum
Written by
Universal Thrum
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