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Jan 2018
She says
Sometimes your loving is too much
Just too much
Sometimes your touching is too much
Just too much

She says at night love me and touch me in that special way but when it comes to the morning
She wants me gone by then
When her man is not by her side
She’s feeling me and taking me on a wild ride
She doesn’t ever want to see the best of me, the nice in me, I have to pull back my passion and affection, all these emotions I have to let it be
All these feelings I must hide
She’s never wanting to know the real me, the emotional me, she’s never wanting to see me on the inside

She says
Sometimes your passion is too much
Just too much
Sometimes your affection is too much
Just too much

She feels that my emotions are too much
Sometimes I feel chicks don’t like when I’m sweet, they prefer me mean and rough
I can be nice, I can be sweet, I can be tough
But I think enough is enough
Over time I’ve learned not to become too attached
When she’s pulling away, it’s better to not overreact
If she really wanted to stay, if it was meant to be
She would accept the cuddly, passionate, affectionate me
She tells me she’s not *** or bi but that she’s straight even though she ***** me and been with other chicks
I guess I’m just a little confused, lost,  I’m not really understanding this
But I understand no woman can replace her man or his ****
But just admit you’re queer for chicks but whatever I’m over it
It’s just better to stay detached
If she’s the one for me, we’ll be intact

She says
Sometimes you’re just too much
Just too much
Your loving is too much
Just too much
Christina Hale
Written by
Christina Hale  F/NJ
   kevin hamilton
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