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Jan 2018
Every morning I'd wake up and watch her sleep. It was my morning prayer to God, thanking him for making something so beautiful and blessing me with his creation. Somewhere between admiring her beauty and thanking god, I was lost on her lips. She would wake and look at me with heaven in her eyes and I would smile and say,

"I love you with everything i have left. my heart has been through war but even with wounds i will kiss you with air. the sun rises every day and i hope you do too because i think you’re just as beautiful.."

She would always tell me how she is the lucky one and not with it.

I would reply back,

"write me a list of all the reasons you think you aren’t worth it and i will write you a novel of all the reasons you’re wrong. you remind me of the way in wars people would burn their own cities to the ground so no one else can have them." She would smile and it always gave me life. laying on top of her as her body was ready to consume me. I made sure to kiss every part of her body.. as she did mine, she loved feeling me in the back of her throat. As we switched positions making love in every possible way. she had a body that was ready to erupt.. she wanted to feel me on her face and mouth
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