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Apr 2018
Just an average day in my average life
no cause at all for worry or strife.
But then it hits out of the blue.
This terrible feeling is nothing new...
So I sing the

Anxiety song
Anxiety song
Before its over something will go wrong...
In my anxiety song.

My hear beats fast and I can't get air.
I don't think straight. I'm so **** scared.
At about this point, I start to cry.
I really really wanna die.
But I sing

The anxiety song.
anxiety song.
A panic attack can feel so long.
Here's my anxiety song.

You want to have a good day,
but your brain is saying "no way".
Things are not ok .
Why can't it go away
[hyperventilates­] [gathers self]

It's the anxiety song
anxiety song.
I'm gonna finish it singin' strong.
It's my anxiety song.
another one of my song drabbles. It does include some stage directions & it sounds much better with ukelele. I wrote the 1st chorus of this during one of my panic attacks to help cope, and decided to turn it into an actual song.
Written by
morseismyjam  Genderqueer/Right Here
(Genderqueer/Right Here)   
         morseismyjam, Akshat, Aiden and ---
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