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Sep 2012
Spring has come, the time of change, of rebirth,,
For flowers to bloom, and for I to grow again.
Spring has come, a chance to start, begin anew,
As the earth heals, from Winter's icy grasping hold.

Grassy tendrils, seeds that offer me hope,
Weeds as well, if I don't take the opportunity.
Both coexist, however, to an extent, in all of us,
And that is what this Spring has taught me.

This spring has shown me, that I have my weeds,
This spring has shown me that you have yours too,
But we must look beyond that, when we see one another,
We must see that the taint and purity cannot exist in isolation.

The spring is passing, as it always does, but shall come again,
And cloak the darkness that is the winter, the flower of the seasons,
Fighting the cold, staving the dark, killing the weeds, but not all,
For without the weeds, the flowers would wilt, and die, never to return.
A little bit I whipped together for AP English, thought I should post it.
Written by
Nathan French
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