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Jan 2018
we’re too tired, but we’re awake anyways --
as if no one will ever see
the sun rise if not us,
as if no one else can feel
the pain we force on aching bones.

as if, we are the only ones
ever to feel this empty.
we pile on excuses
like layers in the winter,
scratch out our dreams
onto scraps of old paper.

we can only scream when
our heads are underwater,
and they wonder why
we haven’t drowned yet.
the truth is, we don’t know.

we kick and scream
at the thought of giving up.
of being alone, of being with
someone, of being alive.
how have we held on so long?

someone must be the one to try
and hold the world up,
somebody must be the one to witness
the pink sky at four in the morning.
and if not us,
           then who?
an old poem from this summer that i still feel in my bones.
Written by
mari  22/F/canada
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