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Jan 2018
I, I try to depart from all people,
I'm a lone wolf!
On my own I try to stop their "evil"
I am left out,
It is the automatical me
Can I change from who I am
To who I want to be?

Lone wolf!
I choose to live this way,
I am happy with there's sadness all around me
Lone wolf!
I'm forced to live myΒ Β life
All of the easy going times
And all of the strife.

Lone wolf!
That's the real me.
Can I change from who I am to who I want to be?
I cannot deny the lonewolfness in me,
Loneliness in me.
(It helps if you spell it out)
Johannah Jeanty
Written by
Johannah Jeanty  17/Neutrois/Guyana, South America
(17/Neutrois/Guyana, South America)   
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