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Jan 2018
I'm scared of commitment,
I fear the feeling of resentment,
I'm scared of the tone in your sentence,
I'm scared of falling too deep,
And your heart cutting me until I bleed,
I'm scared of you covering the heart on my sleeve,
Using my seed as a weapon against me,
I'm scared of believing that my insecurities,
Are the reason for you leaving me,
I'm scared of my love not being enough,
Until you no longer see you and me as us,
And that feeling is tough,
I'm scared of not being able to feel your touch,
While you leave with more to gain,
That's pain I can't explain,
That's too much for the brain,
I fear experiencing the same,
I’ve led others along,
Wrote them fairy tale love songs,
Told them that together we would be strong,
I apologise I know I was wrong.
Its hard facing your fears........
Written by
BWriter  26/M
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