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Jan 2018
I denude the skin off your
To reveal the ripe
Hidden underneath.
I realize now that I've,
after that first touch
Of soul and mind,
Become a hedonist
For your lips.
A ****** for that special bliss
That makes you taste
Somehow you set me free
And bind me
My mind unbound ever since
I discovered new appetence
For the taste of your saccharine.
But I'm anchored into you
Cause this sensation occurs
Only when I'm with,
When I give in to urge
And appease my senses,
When I partake,
And I taste
That Milky Way
That is
appetence (ˈæpɪtəns) or appetency
n, pl -tences or -tencies
1. a natural craving or desire
2. a natural or instinctive inclination
Written by
JJRKelly  24/M/Chicago
   Mica Light
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